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Quality Sourcing

Quality Sources

Our strong commitment to quality has made us one of the best seafood restaurants in San Antonio. We focus on the small details that will make your Sea Island experience not just a good one – but an excellent one!

So how do we bring you the highest quality at an affordable price?

We believe that delicious food starts with prime ingredients. Each one of Sea Island Menu Items is prepared with hand-selected ingredients for freshness and taste. Sea Island has been serving only REAL wild-caught seafood since 1965. This means: less harmful chemicals in your food, premium taste, and a better environment.

We also believe that you should know exactly what is in your food. Our transparent “Truth in Menu” has made us one of the most trusted seafood restaurants in San Antonio.

This is where your food is coming from:

  • REDFISH – Palacios, Texas
  • CATFISH – Palacios, Texas
  • OYSTERS – Texas Gulf
  • RAINBOW TROUT – Snake River, Idaho
  • POLLOCK – North Atlantic, Iceland
  • SALMON – Atlantic, Scotland
  • MAHI MAHI – Ecuador

Freshness is a top priority at each one of our restaurants. We begin each day by hand peeling our shrimp and preparing all of our sauces from scratch. Our innovative number system ensures that each meal that you eat with us is always freshly-prepared.

As you can see, we work hard to be the best seafood restaurant in San Antonio and your satisfaction is our reward!

Our promise

We believe that each one of our guests deserves the highest quality of food and service. Our promise is to give you just that. It’s that simple. At Sea Island, we don’t want you to have just good food and a nice experience -we want you to have the BEST food and an EXCELLENTexperience! We promise that each time you visit one of our Sea Island restaurants you will be treated like a #1, because that is exactly what you are to us.