San Antonio sticks out on the map for being a city with the richest culture in Texas. In fact it has even been sited that culture is our best treasure!  There is no better way to celebrate the city’s 300th birthday, than celebrating the rich culture of our city through our guests.

Sea Island, founded right here in the great city of San Antonio has launched a campaign called 300 Faces of Culture.  The idea is to “See” our guests and celebrate memories with you!  Maybe you started visiting Sea Island because it was your grandmother’s favorite restaurant or Sea Island is your go to spot because of the family friendly environment. We all have a special connection or memory at Sea Island! Throughout the Tricentennial year, each of our San Antonio locations will have a banner that we are encouraging you to take a picture in front of. Once you snap a photo, upload the picture to your social medial platform using the hashtag #SeeMeAtSeaIsland, or you can upload it right here. Go ahead, send us your best shot!

At the end of the year as a reflection of San Antonio’s Tricentennial we will display a collage of the 300 Faces of Culture!



Send us your selfie!